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February 2024

  • Building consent submitted for 1926 Takaka Valley Highway
  • With the great summer weather we were able to progress 1922 Takaka Valley Highway rapidly

 House #7

January 2024

  • Building consent issued for 1922 Takaka Valley Highway and pile holes drilled 12 January. We are supporting the low-income owner by providing technical support and access to our designs.
  • Investigating funding options for financing a GBMAHP 3 bedroom family rental at same location

December 2023

  • Preliminary design work underway as part of formal proposal for Takaka pensioner flat development.

October 2023

  • Work started for a three house development just south of the Medical Centre on Takaka Valley Highway. Two houses are being funded by local residents. Once the GBMAHP can raise the necessary funds, we will construct a three-bedroom family home for long-term rental. 
  • Discussions underway to access alternative land in Takaka for pensioner flat development.

August 2023

July 2023

June 2023

  • Stuff's Nelson Mail has an atricle on the dire situation for senior housing in Golden Bay
  • Prepared 'Feasibility Study' for the provision of 14 senior/persons with disability flats in Takaka as part of our application for a $3m grant to the Government's Affordable Housing Fund
  • Ongoing discussions with Tasman District Council over issuing of Resource Consent for the Takaka development

May 2023

east takaka construction

April 2023

  • Our application for charitable status is finally accepted by the Charities Commission. As part of this we will no longer be supporting building houses for eligible beneficiaries on family land as the Commission considered that there was too great a potential for indirect benefits to parties ineligible for charitable support.
  • Updated our Resource Consent application for pensioner housing in Takaka and resubmitted it to Tasman District Council.
  • Our House #5 (rent-and-own) in Ranghihaetata is occupied.

rangihaeta completed


March 2023

  • Submitted application to the Government's 'Affordable Housing Fund' for $3m towards constructing up to 14 pensioner flats in Takaka
  • Tasman District Council advises that land at Haile Lane cannot be made available for housing
  • House #5 completed with occupancy early April.


January 2023

  • Submitted  Resource Consent for Houses #11-24. This is to construct up to 14 pensioner flats at 44 Reilly Street, Takaka

44 reilly street pensioner flat plan A


  • We have received Resource Consent for houses #7-#9 on Takaka Valley Highway just south of the hospital
  • Started construction on House #6 in East Takaka. Below is a photo of our builders Nigel, Rodney and Jonny with Katrina and Hernan, the family receiving House #6 on a 'rent-then-own' basis


December 2022

  • RNZ's 'The Detail' podcast did an in depth story on our project. Includes interviews with the recipient of House #5, her mother, Chris Hill one of our two Tasman District Council councellors, and others.
  • House #5 progressing well for completion early 2023

House 5

  • Building Consent issued for House #6 
  • Resource Consent for house #10 submitted

November 2022

  • Building Consent for House #6 submitted
  • Construction of House #5 in Rangihaeata proceeding
  • Tasman District Council requested to free up some council land in Pohara where we could potentially build five three-bedroom homes for families

haile lane concept

September 2022

  • Resource Consent for House #6 issued
  • Construction of House #5 in Rangihaeata commenced

July-August 2022

June 2022

  • Building Consent for House #5 at Rangihaeata issued
  • Resource Consent applications for Houses #6 and #7-9 submitted

April 2022

  • Official opening of houses #3 and #4 at Commercial Street in Takaka. Article and video interviews are in the Stuff article here. Below are photos of Chris Bennett--Executive Officer of the GBMAHP and Chair of the Mohua Affordable Housing Trust giving a speach, and Tasman District Council Mayor Tim King cutting the ribbon with the new tenant.

Chris Bennett giving a speach at the opening ceremony


Mayor Tim King cutting ribbon with tenant

  • Preparation of Resource Consents for Houses #6 in East Takaka and #7-9 near the Golden Bay Medical Centre underway

February 2022

  • Building Consent application submitted for House #5 in Rangihaeata
  • Making good progress on construction of houses #3 and #4 at Commercial Street in Takaka with official opening scheduled for 4 April

commercial street construction

December 2021

  • We completed our first two builds at Rockville and Hamama.


Hamama Exterior

hamama kitchen

Hamama Interior


Rockville Exterior

  • Golden Bay Weekly has a story on our first year.
  • Resource Consent issued for House #5 in Rangihaeata
  • Making good progress on the two houses being built at 189 Commercial Street Takaka for pensioners

October 2021

  • Houses #1 and #2 nearing practical completion
  • Building consent for Houses #3 and #4 submitted
  • Timber cutting for Houses #3 and #4 under way

September 2021

  • After the August lockdown we have experienced some supply chain issues which have affected our ability to complete House #1
  • House #2 has progressed rapidly with it taking less than 20 working days to have the roof on the house
  • We have completed the wastewater design for House #5 and are working on the Resource Consent application
  • The materials for Houses #3 and #4 have arrived on the site at 189 Commercial Street. Construction will start in October once the Building Consent is issued

189 commercial street panels arriving Medium

August 2021

  • We have published our Construction Manual on how to efficiently build our affordable houses
  • Stuff article on the person receiving our first house in Rockville
  • August 6 we successfully installed the 'screw pile' foundation for House #2 in Hamama. This has proved to be an efficient and quick way to do a foundation: it took six hours to do the whole house and deck--in the poorest soil (i.e. lots of rocks) we have in Golden Bay. We expect to keep using these as we move forward with the project.

July 2021

  • Progress is continuing on our first house which we will finish in August.
  • We have received the building permit for our second house in Hamama and we began preparatory work July 14 with laying the electrical cable for the house and final testing of the foundations. Installation of foundations was delayed by the mid-July weather bomb.
  • We have completed the screw pile testing for Commercial Street.
  • Tasman District Council has progressed the Commercial Street resource consent and we are providing additional information.
  • Discussions are underway with two commercial financers for potential funding of our houses.
  • We have completed the draft contracts for receiving 'small personal offers' from local investors and expect to begin finalizing these in August.
  • We have commenced the design work on the three bedroom houses we plan to construct.

June 2021

  • RNZ has released the 20+ minute story on our project. You can listen to it here.
  • House construction:
    • The construction of our first house in Rockville is progressing well in spite of the winter weather and we should be finished in July.
    • Materials are arriving for starting our second house in Hamama and the foundations should be done by earl July. We are testing Stop Digging's 'screw piles' here. The team will shift construction over there as soon as Rockville is completed.
    • For houses three and four which are two pensioner flats at 189 Commercial Street, Takaka:
      • Site suvey is complete
      • The Resource Consent is submitted to Tasman District Council
      • We have ordered the two house structuctures from Formance and wood from ITM
    • We have almost completed the Resource Consent for houses five to nine on Reilly Street, Takaka
  • Sharon Brettkelly from RNZ's 'The Detail' visited Golden Bay over Queen's Birthday Weekend to interview our Executive Officer Chris Bennett about the project. This is Sharon at Rockville.

Sharon Brettkelly Medium

May 2021

  • MILESTONE: We have started construction of the first house on the GBMAHP, less than six months after we started the project. Thanks to Tasman District Council for all their help in getting this across the line. Here is a one minute action video of the first days laying out the house and digging the foundation piles. This is the build team (L-R) Chai, Rick, Renford and Rodney.

Rockville Build Team Small

  • We have released a video giving an overview of the project. Thanks to the people interviewed and Rob Dawson for his excellent production work.
  • Tasman District Council has approved our proposal to build two pensioner flats at 189 Commercial Street, Takaka on land behind four existing flats. These will be our next builds. Stuff has an article on this, and the strong support for our work by the Council.
  • A Ministerial Briefing paper has been circulated to Government and our local MP pointing out the need for the Government to support projects such as ours or the housing crisis will never be solved.
  • We have been privisionally awarded a 5 Star rating by Lifemark for the accessible design for House #2. This is the highest rating available is based on the accessible features embodied in the house design. The final rating will consider site features such as pathways. Thanks to Mark Roberts from the project team who led this effort, and the Goodison Architecture team for helping us reach this milestone.

Lifemark 5 Star Provisional Certificate


April 2021

  • House #1's water tank arrived: the first materials to arrive on the project. Rodney Watson--our Construction Manager--was on site to receive the tank.

Screenshot 2021 04 26 071348

  • Presentations were made to the Tiny House Expo in Motueka and the Golden Bay Community Board on the project
  • The 'multiproof' consent for our standard house has been resubmitted to TDC
  • The building consent for House #2 has been submitted to TDC
  • The ordering of materials has started for building to commence as soon as consents are approved by TDC
  • The Resource Consent preparation has started for proposed Houses #5-#9 on Reilly Street. Below is Alexis Bourgois from Mohua Uenuko Surveying working on the elevations for the stormwater design

PXL 20210411 032019730 Medium

March 2021

  • We have submitted the Trust deed to establish the 'Mohua Affordable Housing Trust' which will provide governance to the project and ownership of houses.
  • Three Trustees have agreed to join the trust, with discussions under way with other potential trustees.
  • Panasonic have confirmed that they will partner with project and supply us with appliances for our houses at discounted prices as part of their support for affordable housing.
  • The Resource Consent for House #2 has been approved by TDC.
  • We are starting the process for Resource Consent for the construction of five pensioner flats on Reilly Street in Takaka.
  • TDC have provided feedback on the multiproof consent submission for the Tui house and we are addressing their request for information.
  • Lifemark have provided feedback on our designs to improve accessibility and we are working with them to implement the proposed improvements.
  • Other design details are being finalized so we can start ordering of materials for constructing Houses #1 and #2.

February 2021

  • The Resource Consent for House #1 was approved by TDC. 
  • We have submitted the building design to TDC for review as part of the Building Consent process
  • An updated presentation giving an overview of the project is now available to view.
  • Article on Stuff describing how the community is supporting the GBMAHP
  • Golden Bay Weekly article describing the housing crisis and how our project is trying to help address it
  • Paul and Gilda Sangster have offered the GBMAHP land to construct up to five pensioner flats at 44 Reilly Street
  • Foundation testing for the Stop Digging 'ground screw piles' completed on three of our four Phase 1 sites. Below is a photo of the testing in action.

stop digging reilly street

  • We have submitted the resource consent for GBMAHP house #2
  • Site testing for wastewater is completed
  • We now have over 30 potential locations for building houses
  • The project is working on securing funding to build on all 30 sites
  • The ordering of materials for houses #1 and #2 is underway with the plan to start construction by April, subject to final approvals of the resource and building consents (and materials availability!)

January 2021

  • The proposal has been submitted to Tasman District Council for us to construct two pensioner flats behind the existing TDC flats at 189 Commercial Street, Takaka
  • We have submitted our first resource consent application to Tasman District Council for the GBMAHP house #1, and are working on the resource consent for house #2
  • Site visits have been done for another ten potential build sites
  • The designs for the first houses have been completed and the working drawings are with the factory to start manufacturing of key elements soon
  • The team has been working closely with ITM Takaka and other suppliers to ensure the availability of the build materials
  • Discussions are continuing with Habitat for Humanity on partnering with them for the project

December 2020

  • After less than a month, we have been offered some 30 different potential sites to host homes, and a number of people in the local community have come forward offering to help with the financing.
  • The project launch public meeting was held on 3 December and was attended by over 80 people, with others connecting online. The presentation of the meeting is available here. An article on the meeting from the Golden Bay Weekly is here.
  • Meetings were held with Tasman District Council to discuss the best ways to collaborate to move the project ahead rapidly.
  • Potential locations for hosting houses have been provided to Tasman District Council for review and advice.
  • Discussions with Habitat for Humanity on collaboration are progressing.
  • The eligibility criteria for participating in the project to receive a home are under development.

November 2020

  • The Golden Bay Weekly runs articles on Golden Bay's housing crisis and how we propose addressing it through our project
  • The 'Golden Bay/Mohua Affordable Housing Project' is launched with the release of our Concept Proposal
  • The project is reported on in Stuff
  • A presentation is made on the project to the Tasman District Council Regulatory Committee