Housing Survey Results

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Since no data on the housing situation has been collected for some time, two voluntary online surveys were conducted November 2 – 15, 2020:

  • The ‘Golden Bay Housing Survey’ had 32 questions and was designed to gather information on the specific experiences of individuals. There were 104 responses.
  • The ‘Golden Bay Housing Employer Survey’ had 16 questions for businesses to gather information on experiences faced by them and their employees. There were 16 responses.

The surveys were publicised on the Facebook Tākaka Notice Board, through the GB Weekly newspaper, circulated via e-mail, and other means. Since these survey results arise from a self-selected as opposed to random sample, there will naturally be some inherent bias. However, given that the results are broadly consistent with the 2018 Census findings, they can be taken as a reasonable indication of the state of housing in Golden Bay.

The Housing Survey participants covered the full range of people in Golden Bay, with no particular bias towards any one occupation group (see below left). The participants also reflected the range of household wealth (see below right). It can therefore be taken to be a reasonable representation of the overall state of housing in Golden Bay. The survey data can be downloaded here.

survey employment status survey household wealth


General Survey Results

survey 1

survey 2

survey 3

survey 4

survey 5

survey 6

survey 7

survey 9

survey 9

survey 10

The answers to Question 32 are presented in Annex 1 of the Concept Proposal report.

Employer Survey Results

esurvey 1

esurvey 2

esurvey 3

esurvey 4

esurvey 5

The answers to Question 15 are presented in Annex 2 of the Concept Proposal report.