Complaints Policy

The GBMAHP aims to set high standards in our service to our stakeholders. We aim to deliver those standards all of the time.

However we recognise that there may be times when we don’t get it right, when our service hasn’t reached the standard you expect of if, or there is a problem you think we should address. We take all complaints seriously as they provide us with valuable feedback on how to improve and put measures in place to stop it happening again.


 We value complaints.

We aim to behave and operate in a way that does not cause complaints. However, we have a complaints policy and internal complaints process to ensure the efficient and effective handling of client complaints. We want to demonstrate our commitment to providing and improving a high-quality service to our clients. We see complaints as an important part of our client feedback and business improvement process.

A complaint is “an expression of dissatisfaction made to you or to a person engaged by you, relating to your financial advice service (including any regulated financial advice given to a retail client by you or on your behalf), or the complaints handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.  A complaint includes a complaint about a failure to provide a service or give advice”.

All staff are responsible for identifying and responding to complaints in the first instance and directing clients to our internal complaints process if the complaint cannot be resolved.

We record all complaints in our complaint register so that we can learn from these client experiences and improve our business.

We will:

  • deal with complaints in a fair and transparent manner
  • treat complaints with priority and give a timely response
  • be fair and act with integrity
  • take a genuine, fresh look at the issues raised and not be defensive
  • try to see things from the client’s perspective, to understand and address why they think we were wrong
  • acknowledge our mistakes and put them right if we can
  • manage complaints using a defined and agreed process
  • make sure clients know how our complaints process works, are clear which stage of it they have reached and what will happen next
  • train our staff to apply the policy and processes for complaints resolution.

If you have a complaint or concern about your experience with the GBMAHP, you are encouraged to talk with the staff person that is your primary contact, or has the specific knowledge that is needed to resolve the issue.

Client Complaint Process

In order for us to be able to respond to your concern or complaint, you must let us know:

  • you wish to voice a concern or make a complaint,
  • provide your name and contact information (including valid email and phone number),
  • the date the issue occurred
  • and a description of the issue.

Step 1 – Let’s sort it out

Discuss your complaint with the person you’ve been dealing with and try to resolve it. They will investigate the concern in a manner that:

  • Is fair and thorough
  • Makes every attempt to resolve the issue
  • Respects rights to privacy
  • Reviews all documentation
  • Checks the accuracy of information
  • Consults with all those involved, including any delays that occur.

Step 2 – Review

If your complaint is not resolved by Step 1, you can call, email or arrange to see the Executive Officer (chris [at] mygbhousing.inf), a Trustee (trust [at] or complete an online Complaint Form at: to record your concerns. Someone appropriate will look into your complaint and give you a written response.

Step 3 – Finance complaints: We are a Participant of the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (“IFSO Scheme”).

If your complaint is related to finance provided by the GBMAHP under our ‘rent-to-own’ programme, you can refer your complaint to the IFSO Scheme if it has not been resolved after going through our complaints process. This is a free, independent dispute resolution service which will consider your complaint and, either reach an agreed outcome, or make a decision.

See  or call 0800 888 202 for information on the IFSO Scheme.

Internal Complaint Process

We have a 3-step complaints process for addressing complaints.

Step 1 – Initial complaint

  • Every expression of dissatisfaction made where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected is treated as a Complaint.
  • All complaints will be logged in the complaints register.
  • We will resolve the complaint as soon as we can (often immediately if it can be resolved by providing an explanation or information).
  • If the complaint is related to a potential breach of New Zealand Law, your complaint will be communicated to Board of Trustees and if necessary, legal advice sought.
  • If the client complaint is not resolved and the client wishes to continue, then the client will be told about our Steps 2 and 3 complaints process in writing.

Step 2 – Formal complaint

  • Annex 5 of the Operations Manual contains a checklist for Step 2
  • The Step 2 complaint will be acknowledged by in writing within 2 business days and a resolution targeted for within 10 business days. All investigations will be carried out in a manner that:
    1. Is fair and thorough
    2. Makes every attempt to resolve the issue
  • Respects rights to privacy
  1. Reviews all documentation
  2. Checks the accuracy of information
  3. Consults with all those involved.
  • All formal complaints will be escalated to the Executive Officer as part of our internal complaints process.
  • We will investigate the complaint, obtaining any relevant information required and reconsider the complaint based on its merits. We will respond to the client in writing (“the response”) as soon as we can.
  • If the client does not accept our decision and provides new information or issues, then a Trustee will conduct a further review to determine if the new information or issues affect the response. The Trustee will then write the client a second response (“the second response”) as soon as he/she can.

Step 3 –Referral to IFSO Scheme of Financial Complaints

If the complaint is related to finance provided by the GBMAHP under the ‘rent-to-own’ programme:

  • If the client does not accept the Step 2 complaint response or the second response and wishes to pursue the complaint, then we will review the response (and/or second response) again as the last stage in our complaints process.
  • If the response remains unchanged, we will advise the client that we have reached the end of our internal complaints process by notifying them of “deadlock” (“the final response”). That means if they want to pursue the complaint, the client can make a complaint to the IFSO Scheme.
  • The ‘Final Decision/Deadlock Investigation Checklist’ in Annex 5 should be completed and put on file.

Complaints Register

  • Once a complaint is documented on our Complaints Form, a copy will be held in our Complaints Register, along with a brief description of the resolution, including resolution date.
  • The complaints register will be reviewed regularly to identify any improvements we can make to the services and/or information we offer clients.
  • The complaints register will be reported on to the Board of Trustees monthly.
  • It is the responsibility of the Executive Officer to provide the Board of Trustees with an annual summary on the number and type of complaints received, their resolution, and statistics related to the time to resolution.

The GBMAHP reserves the right to choose not to respond to complaints judged as unfounded.